silent crypto investment

About us

Crypto Asset Manager

We create alphas with unique research. Starting with a ‘Signature Algo’, a crypto future trading algorithm pursuing alpha, we continue to create various crypto investment products covering the secondary market.

Best Investment Experience

Our mission is to deliver the best crypto investment experience for our clients. We care not only the performance but also the way of serving. We hear clients’ voices, design the products, and delivering them with best experiences.

Permanent, Unprecedented

Survival is the all-time ground rule for investment. It should not be an exception, especially for crypto asset management. We pursue unprecedented impacts in terms of performance, products, service, and all.


Alan (CTO, Co-founder)

Alan is proficient full-stack engineer suitable for compact but competitive team, in charge of infrastructure and security.

Bellman (CIO, Co-representative)

Bellman has spotlighted talent in reinforcement learning and algorithm development, in charge of manufacturing crypto investment products and performance.

Roy (CEO, Co-representative)

Roy is passionate explorer with professional experience in strategy and finance, in charge of growth, client relationship, operation and vision shaping.


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